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Lincoln’s Line of Quicklub Pumps Continues to Improve
Lincoln’s popular Quicklub 203 pump line offering continues to improve with new features and enhancements making the construction industry's favorite automatic lubrication system better

Quicklub 203 Pump Release
Quicklub 203 Offering


New QLS 401 Complete Lube System
The QLS 401 is a complete lubrication system that includes all necessary monitoring and control functions. All components including an internal pressure relief valve are part of the complete package. The comprehensive list of standard features is a remarkable characteristic of the QLS 401. The integrated, all-in-one system concept reduces installation time and costs. The QLS 401 is designed for all industrial and mobile applications. Up to 18 lubrication points can reliably be supplied directly from the pump and monitored at an affordable price.

QLS 401 News Release
Solutions Volume 6, Number 3


Quicklub Datalogger Pump
Keep track of your lubrication system's operation with our new Quicklub Datalogger 203 pump. The unit stores information that can be transferred to your laptop or PDA via a wireless connection. Monitor lube cycles, on- and off-times. You can even verify that the unit's reservoir was refilled.

Data Logger Release
Solutions Volume 5, Number 2


PowerLuber Air-Powered Greasegun
Whether your working in the shop or operating a lube truck, a reliable and powerful air-operated grease gun can be an essential part of your lubrication equipment arsenal. The new PowerLuber 1163 offers the same reliability as our now famous PowerLuber battery-operated grease guns. 

PowerLuber 1163 Release
Solutions Update May, 2002

PowerLuber DC Charger
If you prefer the PowerLuber battery-operated greasegun, you'll want this new DC charger so that you can keep the unit charged while you work. Plugs into an standard cigarette lighter receptacle. Combine with the PowerLuber 1244's two batteries for continuous operation.

PowerLuber 12-Volt Charger Release
Solutions Update May, 2002


Electronic Controller - Model 905
This lightweight, durable meter allows you to fully preset output for precise control of your fluid dispensing application. Standard operation allows you to monitor the output with easy-to-read  LED display. Perfect for motor oil, gear oil, hydraulic fluid, ATF and antifreeze outputting up to six gallons a minute.

905 Release
Solutions Vol. 4, No. 2


LFC Family Adds New Capability
Lincoln’s LFC system has expanded with new wireless and hard-wired options. From entry level systems that control fluids for a few workstations to more complex systems that control fluid dispensing for a large operation, Lincoln now offers the perfect LFC system for your application.

LFC Family News Release
LFC Family Brochure